How to Remove the Windows 7 Activation Update. Go to Control Panel and click on “Programs” and then” View installed Updates” Now look for “Update for Windows 7 (KB971033)” Now Right click on it and select Uninstall. Steps to Block Windows 7 Activation Update KB971033. Go to Start Menu and Click “Windows Update” Program.

Auto-Activation feature is now enabled or disabled for Windows Vista. Working in Windows 7 : Follow the following steps to toggle the Auto-Activation feature for Windows 7: 1. Open the Windows Registry Editor in the process described for Windows Vista. Click on “Yes” to confirm the User Control Account message that appears to continue. 2. Disable the pop-up window for automatic Windows activation In Windows Vista, however, this is the corresponding key : HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSLActivation. Set Manual to 1 to disable automatic activation in Windows Vista. Remember to create a system restore point first ! If you have problems enabling Windows, you should read this article in Troubleshooting Windows activation states. Disable Windows 7 Activation - YouTube Aug 04, 2009 How to Disable Notifications from the Windows 7 Action There are two different ways to disable the Windows 7 Action Center: The System Icons window of the Control Panel and the Change Action Center Settings window: Open the Control Panel and switch to one of the icon views. Select the System Icons module (you might have to scroll down to find it). Locate the Action Center option and select Off on

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