May 15, 2016 Microsoft® should disable Intel ME completly - Microsoft Remote exploit of this vulnerability requires Intel Active Management Technology (AMT). Current Surface devices do not allow remote connectivity to the ME because our devices do not run AMT. Local exploit of this vulnerability requires Direct Connect Interface (DCI) access via … intel management engine components what is it - Windows 7

May 15, 2016

Presumably, micro code is what the management engine is about. As for Intel cpu's I've always thought that there is "NSA inside". :) I believe we live in a police state, living in Europe myself. The absence of proper computer security and online privacy seems like a cruel joke and this is not a … What is an MEI driver? | Tom's Guide Forum Dec 14, 2018

Dec 04, 2017

Now you, too, can disable Intel ME 'backdoor' thanks to A team of researchers from Positive Technologies discovered an undocumented configuration setting, designed for use by government agencies, to disable Intel Management Engine 11. Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) Management Oct 09, 2011 Intel management engine interface error (code 10) | Tom's Jul 02, 2020 INTEL MANAGEMENT ENGINE INTERFACE HECI DEVICE DRIVER