Sep 17, 2014 · As with C function prototypes, a method declaration inside an Objective-C class interface is just like any other C statement and requires a terminating semi-colon. Methods Can Take Parameters If you need to declare a method to take one or more parameters, the syntax is very different to a typical C function.

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Sep 12, 2012 GNUstep · GitHub The GNUstep gui library is a library of graphical user interface classes written completely in the Objective-C language; the classes are based upon Apple's Cocoa framework (which came from the Open… Objective-C 123 47

IMO, the problem with Objective-C isn't so much massive shortcomings, as minor shortcomings (especially early on) and lack of perceived advantages. Objective-C was a pure superset of C, so C code could transition to Objective-C easily. The mindset to use Objective-C, however, differed from the C mindset a lot. The transition from C to Objective

앱 스토어가 선풍적인 인기를 끌게 되면서 Objective-C를 배워서 앱을 출시하려는 일반인들이 많아졌으나, Objective-C가 생각처럼 배우기 쉬운 언어는 아니기 때문에 [19], 중도하차하는 사람들이 많은 편이다.사실 C 언어와 객체 지향 프로그래밍, GUI 프로그래밍에 대한 경험이 없다면, 꽤 고전할 가능성이 GNUstep: Fun with Objective-C An Objective-C message call can be used anywhere a C statement can be used, such as in a conditional statement or within another Objective-C message. On compilers that support it, Objective-C messages can be mixed in C++ code, allowing the programmer to pick and choose the best aspects of … Popular Objective-C pop gui Projects -