The cloud isn't the only means of gaining access to remote files on your Android device. The SMB protocol has been around for quite some time and can be a great way to get or receive files on your

If you log in frequently, select the option “Save Password.”. As soon as you click on the Log On button, you will be logged in and can access all your files and folders directly from Windows File Explorer over WiFi. When you are done woking with files and folders on your Android device, turn off the Remote Manager. How to Share Files Between Android and Windows 10 on Your Accessing the Files on Android. Now it’s time to get access to those files. You’ll need a file explorer that has LAN capabilities so that it can access your PC. If you have an app of choice, use that. For this article, however, we’ll be using FE File Explorer. We chose this app because it makes it easy to connect to your PC, whether you’re using an account or a guest login. Access Network Folders from Android Phone - YouTube Nov 08, 2010 File access with Xamarin.Android - Xamarin | Microsoft Docs Regardless of the partition the APIs for reading, writing, or creating files is the same. There are two sets of APIs that a Xamarin.Android application may use for file access: The .NET APIs (provided by Mono and wrapped by Xamarin.Android) – These includes the file system helpers provided by Xamarin.Essentials. The .NET APIs provide the best cross-platform compatibility and as such the focus of this guide will be …

File sharing over a network in Windows 10 - Windows Help

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Apr 23, 2019 The Easiest Way to Access Android Files from a Mac Step 4 Access Android Files from Mac After your data has been displayed on the interface, select the data that you want to backup. The data options to be selected will include text messages, music, video, contacts, calendar, call logs and applications. It is only after selecting the data to be backed up that you should click on "Start Copy". How to: Access Windows Shares using an Android Device