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Maintaining Access | UpToDate Your remote access is being offered to you by your institution. In order to maintain uninterrupted access to UpToDate Anywhere, you must re-verify your affiliation with your organization once every 90 days. Re-verifying can be done using either of the options listed below. 1.) Access UpToDate via your organization’s EHR or portal at least once every 90 days. Remote Access - Remote Access There may be situations when you are not on-campus, but you need to access electronic resources that are usually only available at the University. The Office of Information Technology provides various ways for you to access University computers and resources from off-campus: Remote Services, Direct Access, and VPN access. my.access — University of Toronto Libraries Portal

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Using LegacyVPN - University of Toronto LegacyVPN is the institutional Virtual Private Network of the University of Toronto providing staff, faculty and graduate students secure access to UofT's internal network from off campus. This service is intended to be used for work and study related purposes, and all of your internet traffic will be routed through UofT's network when you are How to Enable and Secure Remote Desktop on Windows

The University of Toronto has identified the following minimum technical requirements needed for students to access remote/online learning: Please reference the information below for additional information regarding recommended accessories, internet connectivity and frequently asked questions.

In the Software Centre applications tab, select Configure this Computer for Remote Access (RDP). 5. Click on the icon and press Install. 6. Once you install, running this application will initiate a process to configure your computer to allow you to remote access to your desktop from outside the office.