I gave up on checking the router settings, and tried bypassing it by connecting directly to the DSL modem. That fixed the connection issue, so I figured the router was just shot, and bought a new one - a g1100. Now I've got that setup, and the internet connection is fine, but I STILL can't login to the new router.

Apr 30, 2016 · It says connected to router but not able to connec: Samsung UN55ES7100 Smart TV will not Connect to new WiFi Router: Samsung smart TV series 6 won't connect to t he Internet. how do i connect my series 5 samsung tv to my wireless router: Samsung Smart TV (8000 series)..slow wired connection: Samsung Smart TV (8000 series)..slow wired connection Re: Unable to connect with 3rd party router Go to solution If you are getting the Wholesale information page, then it has to be an authentication issue with the router, or a fault with the router. The car sees the Asus router but refuses to connect to it! So my temporary solution (until I find time to fiddle with it more) is to connect the Netgear router to one of the ports on the Asus router and have it only serve the car while the rest of the house/devices are all connected to the Asus. Nov 12, 2012 · Unable to connect to a dual band wireless router. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article If you are using a VAIO® computer with a wireless LAN adapter that only supports the 2.4 GHz frequency, then it may not detect and properly connect to a dual band WLAN router that supports both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. Just received my HW-Q80R soundbar and it works really well except for one thing. I have been unable to connect it to my home Wifi. My Smartthings app finds the soundbar, but once it gets to the point of verifying the device (about 60% progress) the process aborts and says "There was a problem verifying your device.

Re: Unable to connect to the Router setup after changing IP & factory reset (WNDR3700v2) OK, well the rough process is as follows; 1. Log into the base router and find its DHCP server settings, set the DHCP range to end at some convenient address e.g. a range of to 2.

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Why cannot I connect to the secured wireless network of 1. When try to connect the ssid, it shows “Windows was unable to connect to the XXX network” a. Check whether there is an old profile , remove it. b. Try to change your SSID and channel on the router’s configuration page. c. Restart the Laptop and try to reconnect it. 2.